Healthnjig is one of the few companies manufacturing infrared thermometers in india.

We are inspired by the opportunity to work together to improve patient care with accurate results. Working together, Health N Jig delivers innovative solutions to today’s healthcare challenges to advance patient care and deliver clinical and economic value to healthcare systems throughout the world. Health N Jig is a company that is built to realize the dreams and passion for good quality medical instruments. With our state of art manufacturing units, we strive to produce premium products at an affordable cost. We put our customers and community first for the excellence of their health care. 

As we pursue our mission to make healthcare better and we see endless opportunities. We also feel a great responsibility to our society. That is why we continue investing time and resources in the areas that are most important for the betterment of everyone. We invest to bring in New and emerging technologies from across the world. At Health N Jig, we have proudly launched ourself in the make in India platform. We make untiring effort to produce exclusive made in India products with the best quality and accuracy. 

“We care for your loved ones”
“we know they are special”