HealthNJIG is one of the few companies manufacturing Infrared thermometers from India.

“We cared for your loved ones because we know they are special”

Features Of Product

  • Quick and Accurate : Measures temperature in < 1 sec
  • C&F Switchable : Easy to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • High temperature Alarm : Automatic alarm and red light for temperature > 100.2 F
  • Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometers
  • Rapid Measurement
  • Easily switch between °C and °F


  • Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometers
    Healthnjig is a clinically tested best Infrared Forehead Thermometerand proven to be reliable and accurate when used in accordancewith operating instruction. This is a new age, easy to use, no- contactthermometer; based on advanced technology to measuretemperature of body and any non-living object.
  • Rapid Measurement
    Its ergonomic design makes it possible to measure the temperaturewithin seconds. It can measure the temperature from 0 to 100degrees Celsius. (32.0 °Fahrenheit). It takes body temperature aswell as the surface temperature of the object such as belowA. Surface temperature of milk bottleB. Surface temperature of baby bathC.
  • Easily switch between °C and °F
    You can easily switch between Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit with apress of one button and Tri Colour LCD Display: Red, Yellow orGreen color to show the temperature level of the body or object

Additional information

Weight 0.163 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.5 × 5 cm

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